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Configuring GitHub Classroom

Initial Configuration

You should have received an assignment invite from your instructor. Follow that link and the instructions below in order to configure GitHub Classroom and IntelliJ.

Figure [email]: Email Invite (or may have accessed link in Canvas)

Figure [signin]: Sign into GitHub (or create an account, if needed)

Figure [authorizeclassroom]: Authorize GitHub Classroom (click the green button)

Figure [select]: Select Your Email

Figure [acceptassignment]: Accept the Assignment (click green button)

Figure [accepted]: Assignment Accepted... after ~30 seconds, refresh the page)

Figure [ready]: Repo Ready. You likely can just click on the second link to access the assignment repo.

Figure [repourl]: GitHub Repository for Assignment

Figure [cloneurl]: Copy Repo URL (click on green Code button and copy the URL)

Figure [intellij]: Open IntelliJ and make sure all projects are closed so you see the this screen, and click on "Get from Version Control" from the kabob menu

Figure [installgit]: Download and Install Git (if needed)

Figure [clone]: Paste URL and Clone repo

Figure [login]: Select "Use token..."

Figure [token1]: Click "Generate..."

Figure [token2]: Scroll to the bottom of the webpage that was opened and click "Generate token"

Figure [token3]: Copy the token and paste it in the textfield from Figure 14 and click "Log In"

Figure [done]: You should now have a new project in IntelliJ for this assignment

One of the first things you should do is rename the username package to your username.

Configuring IntelliJ

You need to let IntelliJ know where your source files are located. Here's how:

  1. Select File -> Project Structure
  2. Select Modules under Project Settings on the left
  3. Select the src folder
  4. Then select Sources to specify that sources files will be located in the src folder
  5. Click OK

Commiting and Submitting

If you add a file to your project, you'll see a pop-up asking if you'd like to add the file to Git.

Figure [add]: Click add so the new file is tracked

Figure [commit]: Right-click on the file that has changed, the Git -> Commit File...

Figure [commitmessage]: Type a summary of the changes in code and click Commit

Figure [commitnpush]: Click Commit and Push... to commit and send the changes to GitHub (do this when your code is ready to submit)

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